Cross Program Partners

Réseau provincial de recherche en adaptation-réadaptation (REPAR) or Provincial Rehabilitation Research Network 

The ONF-REPAR Partnership was developed in 2006 to increase collaborations between Ontario and Quebec neurotrauma researchers. The focus of the partnership has been rehabilitation and community-based research in acquired brain injury and spinal cord injury. The goals in fostering and supporting the collaborations were to share expertise, increase capacity for research and clinical relevance, reduce duplication but at the same time increase opportunities for larger study across Canada’s most populous provinces.

In 2007, six teams were jointly funded by ONF-REPAR for three years to develop their teams and research programs. Three of the teams are specific to acquired brain injury research, and three in spinal cord injury. ONF and REPAR work collaboratively with the teams to support their capacity and encourage opportunities for further growth. In 2011, the six teams received renewal funds to continue their work with a focus on using the research to inform clinical practice.

For more information, check the REPAR website

Victorian Neurotrauma funds through the Transport Accident Commission

ONF and the Victorian Neurotrauma Initiative in Australia began collaborations in 2008 with two international visits of research experts with interests in spinal cord and acquired brain injury. Following that an international funding initiative was held, resulting in four projects co-funded by ONF with VNI / TAC. The projects include: driving after TBI, return to work considerations after SCI, and biomarkers and their relation to neuropsychological outcome in children with TBI. The fourth project, a knowledge translation strategy in SCI and ABI clinical practice, has led to the development of two additional projects to improve clinical practice.

Neurotrauma funds in the state of Victoria, Australia are currently held by the Institute of Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research (ISCRR) and ONF is pleased to work with them on new opportunities in SCI and ABI. For more information visit the ISCRR website.