NeuroMatters, Fall 2017 Edition

The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation operates in a unique and interesting space as the only organization that has a continuous eye on research and knowledge sharing in support of neurotrauma prevention and improved health care practices for those living with neurotrauma. Over the past 20 years this has allowed us to develop strong networks of researchers and stakeholders throughout Ontario, across Canada and internationally.

October and November are months where many of these networks come together and without fail, myself, the ONF Program Directors and program staff are in demand to speak about advancements, facilitate discussions and present the latest research findings.

What are we recognized for? We bring value to Ontario’s health care system through the evidence-informed guidelines, best practices and standards that ensure research leads to new prevention initiatives and positive changes in health care practice for those living with ABI and SCI. What we also know is that it is difficult for those with ABI and SCI to get consistent access to care across the province. We believe that Ontarians with neurotrauma have a right to evidence-informed care wherever they live and however they became injured.

Those living with ABI, often not a visible health condition, can be shuffled through the mental health and social services systems in addition to healthcare system due to concurrent health and social issues. Those living with SCI are more visible but also struggle with consistency in the access to treatment. In a big city there are options not available in rural or remote areas where a long wait and a long trip may be required to received ongoing treatment.

Through research and collaboration ONF will continue to focus on its efforts to ensure evidence-informed care options are identified, qualified and as much as possible implemented. The thousands of Ontarians living with ABI and SCI deserve nothing less.

Kent Bassett-Spiers

CEO, Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation

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