NeuroMatters, Spring/Summer 2017 Edition

June is Annual General Meeting time for many organizations, Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation being one of them. As we approach that day for ONF I it is worth taking a minute to think about what a year we’ve had since last June. From the release of new treatment guidelines for traumatic brain injury to the new Standards for Post-Concussion Care ONF has demonstrated that collaboration and partnership is the way to make change happen.

By bringing together researchers, clinicians, policy-makers and those living with spinal cord injury ONF is supporting the development of treatment guidelines and approaches that address some of the intractable health issues facing those living with SCI – pain, primary care, bladder management and the cure for paralysis due to spinal injury.

I am also proud of the leadership through collaboration and partnerships that ONF continues to take in terms of injury prevention. Reducing the number and severity of neurotrauma injuries will positively impact the personal, health and social systems costs – a goal worth reaching for.

ONF is wrapping up a three-year funding window with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Ministry of Research and Innovation. The Foundation is grateful to those who recognize and support efforts to bring research into practice to improve the lives of Ontarians. I look forward to continuing this important work on all fronts.

Kent Bassett-Spiers,

CEO, Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation

In this Issue:

Standards for Post-Concussion Care Released

ONF/REPAR SCI grant to address SCI rehab interventions

4th Meeting of the Ontario Spinal Cord Injury Research Network bring together SCI community

Provincial Collaborativeexplores next steps to share fall prevention knowledge and strategies

Partner Profile: McMaster Optimate Aging Portal

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