ONF Partner Profile: McMaster Optimal Aging Portal


The McMaster Optimal Aging Portal is focused on sharing knowledge of heathy aging initiatives making it a natural partner for the Loop collaboration platform and the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation.

McMaster Optimal Aging Portal focus

The bilingual Optimal Aging Portal is a free website geared to policymakers, public health professionals, clinicians and older adults wherever they live. It offers evidence-based information about common health conditions, rates the content of health websites for quality of directs users to blog posts that provide engaging commentary on the science of health research projects including research on older adults and falls.

Partnership details

The Loop partnership with the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal provides a link to a broad range of older adult-focused health care information and evidence for Loop members. Users of the Optimal Aging Portal have access to comprehensive evidence-based information on fall prevention initiatives developed for health care providers and community organizations.

“We appreciate the connection with Loop and ONF which started several years ago when our organizations were looking for ways to provide older adults with access to our respective knowledge sharing platforms,” says Laura Harrington, Managing Director of the McMaster Institute for Research on Aging, which houses the portal. “We share a commitment to healthy aging which includes falls prevention. There are a number of mutual interests for us to explore.”

The partnership also supports ongoing interaction between McMaster University’s researchers and projects focused on prevention initiatives supported by ONF. A recent example is a new study supported by ONF involving McMaster researchers that aims to better understand the relationship between falls and memory impairment.

NeuroMatters features one ONF partners in each issue. ONF is proud to work with a number of partners to determine the key causes of neurotrauma and support the development of interventions and policies that make a difference.