Another successful Fall Prevention Month


For the month of November 2016, ONF and the Fall Prevention Community of Practice promoted Fall Prevention Month alongside a slew of partner organizations across Canada. This was the second annual Fall Prevention Month campaign in Ontario. Fall Prevention Month encourages organizations to coordinate their efforts for a larger impact. Organizations participate by planning activities and sharing evidence-based information on fall prevention.

An evaluation of the efforts and impact is underway, but we are already noticing a positive trend. New this year was a campaign website, featuring an events calendar, information on fall prevention for older adults, and a toolkit of resources for organizations looking to participate.

Since launching the bilingual website in the late summer, there have been over 38 000 pageviews by approximately 4300 unique users! Thousands of toolkit resources were downloaded by organizations participating in Fall Prevention Month. Most visitors were from the city of Toronto, but also Kitchener, Ottawa, London, Belleville and Winnipeg.

The most popular resources were:

Each week of the campaign, a different partner organization “took over” the Twitter account and tweeted out fall prevention messaging. By the end of the campaign, we posted 171 tweets and garnered 188 followers. Many groups participating in Fall Prevention Month retweeted us and used our #PreventFalls2016 hashtag on their own tweets.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in Fall Prevention Month 2016 and contributed to its success! We have started planning for 2017 and are strategizing how to grow the campaign. For information about fall prevention year-round, please visit Loop, the online communication platform for fall prevention. content