Partner Profile: Quebec Rehabilitation Research Network/Réseau Provincial de Recherche en Adaptation-Réadaptation (REPAR)


ONF established its partnership with REPAR in 2007 as an initiative to help leading neurotrauma researchers collaborate across Ontario and Quebec to attract funding, build research capacity and increase the impact of their work.

REPAR Mission:

Foster clinical research in rehabilitation aiming to reduce or compensate for deficiencies, incapacities and disability stemming from physical impairments by supporting multidisciplinary and multicentre research activities; facilitate knowledge transfer between researchers and clinicians; and train the next generation of researchers. REPAR members include established researchers, emerging researchers, collaborators, students and partner members, who work in the field of rehabilitation in Quebec.

Focus of effort

  1. Competitiveness and Innovation
  2. Knowledge Exchange and Application
  3. Training the Next Generation of Researchers
  4. Partnership Activities
  5. Research Promotion and Demonstration

ONF/REPAR neurotrauma research partnership details

The aim is to promote research collaborations between Quebec and Ontario through the creation of research teams in neurotrauma rehabilitation in order to produce high quality inter-provincial projects in spinal cord and brain injuries. The aim of the current phase of the ONF-REPAR Partnership is to strengthen and further build on what has already been achieved through the work of the teams, while ensuring a connection with national neurotrauma research projects. More than 100 researchers have been engaged in joint projects that to-date and have been able to leverage almost $20-million.

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ONF is proud to work with a number of partners to determine the key causes of neurotrauma and support the development of interventions and policies that make a difference.