Welcome – Program and Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator, Chad Debison-Larabie

With an interest in strengthening the relationship between ONF and its stakeholders, the Program and Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator position was created to support the ONF ABI program initiatives as well as the Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA) strategies and implementation tactics.


“I look forward to bridging the gaps within Ontario’s ABI community,” says Chad. “With past experience in public relations and community outreach, this role is the perfect opportunity to marry my skillset with industry development to support the initiatives and implementation in place to better the lives of Ontarians living with ABI.”

Chad joins the foundation with wealth of experience in program development and management. Having completed a Master’s degree in Health Sciences with a specialization in neuroscience and biomechanics, Chad is passionate about the work being done in the ABI community and the mandate to create stronger links within the community of practice.

For questions related to the ABI community across Ontario, please don’t hesitate to contact Chad.