SCI KMN Implementation Guide

Informing Implementation:

A practical guide to implementing new practice as informed by the experiences of the SCI KMN









This guide was developed by the Spinal Cord Injury Knowledge Mobilization Network (SCI KMN) members to provide a practical, evidence-informed, comprehensive resource to support the effective implementation of best practices in caring for people with SCI in health care settings. The guide describes processes that help achieve sustainable implementation of best practices. It is designed to be used by those responsible for planning and supporting implementation. This guide leads users through the five stages of the SCI KMN Implementation Process. For each stage there are a set of activities and tools that may be used to promote effective implementation. Following a systematic and rigorous process allows users to make the process more effective and optimize outcomes.

SCI KMN Implementation Guide (Web Version) - with hyperlinks.pdf (3.06 MB)