Q: How is ONF funded?

A: ONF is funded by the Government of Ontario through an agreement with the Ministry of Research and Innovation.

Q: Do you accept research proposals?

A: Currently we are not accepting proposals for grants. For more information about our funding process, please click here.

Q: Do you accept donations?

A: ONF is a federally registered charitable organization and as such has the capacity to accept donations and provide tax receipts.

Q: What programs do you fund?

A: For information about the programs that we fund, please check our Funding page and Our Programs.

Q: Do you provide client/consumer advice?

A: ONF does not provide advice to individual consumers related to prognosis, diagnosis or treatment of their condition or on referrals to professional services. ONF is a research organization and collectively informs consumers and other stakeholders on the outcomes of funded research as part of the Foundation’s knowledge transfer activities.