Lead Author of Pediatric Guidelines Wins National Award


Ottawa, ONTARIO – September 25, 2014– Dr. Roger Zemek from the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) was awarded the Dr. Jane Gillett Research Award from the Brain Injury Association of Canada during its annual conference today.

The Dr. Jane Gillett Award is presented annually to an individual or organization for their research to advance the cause of acquired brain injury in Canada. The Brain Injury Association of Canada recognizes Dr. Zemek’s leadership in the development of the first comprehensive pediatric guidelines for diagnosing and managing concussion.

“Pediatric concussion is an area that’s under-funded, under-studied so Dr. Zemek’s efforts make an enormous impact,” said Dr. Harry Zarins, Executive Director, Brain Injury Association of Canada. “The pediatric concussion guidelines represent the best-available evidence today and serve as an invaluable tool for parents, coaches and school boards alike.”

The research leading to the creation of the guidelines was sponsored by the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation and managed at CHEO over a two-year period, including regular consultation of an expert panel representing the full spectrum of pediatric health disciplines including emergency medicine, family practitioners, neurologists, rehabilitation professionals, etc. all led by Dr. Zemek.

“The creation of the guidelines was truly a team effort,” said Dr. Roger Zemek, emergency room physician and scientist at CHEO. “This award is deeply appreciated by all. It further validates that there’s a need to have this type of information readily accessible. Thank you to the Brain Injury Association of Canada for this honour.”