Our Approach



Translating research into outcomes



ONF is a catalyst for change - change that improves the quality of life for those living with a neurotrauma injury, and reduces risk of these injuries across the province of Ontario.

To achieve this bold vision, ONF's approach is to help identify needs and gaps in practice or policy through research. It supports the implementation of these practices in a sustainable manner at a provincial level. ONF uses a strategic funding approach. By working with global partners, ONF positions Ontario in an international marketplace. Although ideas and evidence are global, implementation is local.

Moving evidence and ideas into best practices

ONF takes research and knowledge mobilization even further, by focusing on implementation in order to close existing gaps between research and practice.

ONF helps create the communities and networks that move evidence and ideas into best practices and standards. When accompanied by our expertise in implementation, these communities create quality improvements that reduce costs and improve Ontario’s care and support to this population.