Concussions Ontario

Concussion-wordmapcrop is sponsored and led by the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (ONF). We work with many experts and partners, aiming to improve concussion care in Ontario.

Concussion (also sometimes called mild traumatic brain injury) is the most common form of traumatic brain injury. A new study initiated by ONF (not yet published), found that there were 148,710 concussions diagnosed in Ontario in 2013. (Bayley et al, 2016) Most people will recover whether it takes one or several weeks, however 15-20% of people who sustain a concussion have longer, potentially difficult and persistent symptoms that interfere with their functioning and daily lives.

This site has been designed to provide information on the work we’ve done in collaboration with our partners; using research to drive practice and policy. Whether you are a medical professional, service provider, patient, family member, or decision-maker, this site provides credible information on the state of concussion care in Ontario and management tools and resources.

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