Helpful Resources

Please see the following websites and links for additional helpful information:

Canadian Best Practice Portal - provides resources and solutions to plan programs for promoting health and preventing diseases and injuries in the community. The site consolidates multiple sources of trusted and credible information in one place, making it a one-stop shop for busy health professionals and decision-makers.

Canadian Fall Prevention Education Collaborative - is a network of program leaders, healthcare professionals, researchers and policy-makers across Canada, who have an interest in preventing falls and fall-related injuries. CFPEC regularly posts fall prevention news, resources, event information and links to partner organizations.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - creates expertise, information, and tools that people and communities need to protect their health – through health promotion, prevention of disease, injury and disability, and preparedness for new health threats. The CDC team and their partners study violence and injuries, and research the best ways to prevent them, applying science for real-world solutions to keep people safe, healthy, and productive.

Implementation Science and Fall Prevention – a comprehensive presentation made to the “2014 Watch Your Step Conference” in Toronto. Dean Fixsen, Karen Blase, Allison Metz, Melissa Van Dyke of the National Implementation Research Network (FPG Child Development Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) applies Implementation Science theory to fall prevention. Canada Falls Prevention 2014 Fixsen presentation.pdf (3.31 MB)

McMaster Optimal Aging Portal -- the Portal has several types of content including informative Blog Posts, consumer-friendly Web Resource Ratings, and Evidence Summaries drawn from high quality research articles.

Prevent Child Injury website – provides a variety of resources and offers strategies to assist parents and caregivers to ensure their homes are safe places for children.

Age-Friendly Communities – offers access to resources that will assist communities and community groups to assess and develop plans to create an age-friendly community.

Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre – services, publications and resources to assist injury prevention professionals to reduce injury in Ontario.