Spinal Cord Injury



It can happen to anyone, in an instant


A spinal cord injury (SCI) is a traumatic injury to the spinal cord that leads to varying degrees of motor and/or sensory deficits and paralysis.

It can happen to anyone in an instant - a teenager diving into a lake while on a summer holiday, a farmer working outside doing everyday chores or a mother involved in a car collision on a slippery winter day.

In Canada there are 40,000 people living with traumatic spinal cord injuries, and there are 1,500 new cases each year. One thing is for certain: when you sustain a spinal cord injury, your life will change dramatically and forever. 

Improving quality of life

The ONF SCI Program supports research designed to enhance the quality of life of individuals living with SCI. The ONF SCI Program is designed to improve the treatment, care and quality of life of individuals across the continuum, from pre-hospital care, acute care and rehabilitation to community living.

The ONF SCI Program funds translational research, knowledge mobilization and implementation initiatives that improve clinical practice and inform policy. To achieve this, ONF partners with other networks and research organizations with similar mandates, provincially, nationally and internationally.

Our research funding in SCI focuses on:

In the last 20 years there has been significant technological and medical advancements in the field of SCI. This has led to an increase in the understanding of what happens when a spinal cord injury occurs and the ability to understand potential outcomes from the injury.

For more information about the Spinal Cord Injury Program, contact the Program Director, Tara Jeji