Rowan’s Law Advisory Committee reviews progress to implementation

May 23, 2017

Rowan Stringer was 17 years old when she died in May of 2013 as a result of brain injuries following a series of three sports-related concussions over a one week period. Forty-nine recommendations were delivered by the jury at a Coroner’s inquest. Rowan’s Law was passed in June of 2016 and the Rowan’s Law Expert Advisory Committee has been working on the practicalities of implementing the 49 recommendations with its report due in September. This includes co-ordinating youth concussion protocols, training for coaches, awareness and education to reduce the incidence of concussion.

The Committee met in mid-May on the anniversary of Rowan’s death. (Back Row: Warren Hoshizaki, Jennifer Knox, Paul Hunter, Eric Lindros, Kent Bassett-Spiers, Chris Markham. Middle Row: Rosie MacLennan, Elisabeth White, Susan Kitchen, Rosana Salvaterra, Charles Tator. Front Row: Dan Cass, Kathleen Stringer, Gordon Stringer, Louise Logan)