ONF funds research in the prevention of adult falls

February 07, 2013 | Posted in Announcements, Prevention

Falls are one of the most serious health problems across the lifespan. Although falls substantially impact all age groups, they particularly impact the young and the old. For this reason, most attention to this problem has focused on children and older adults.

The small amount of falls research that currently exists on adults has examined falls-related injuries in the workplace and in competitive sports. Little consideration has been given to falls in young, middle, and older adults while doing everyday activities, as well as on ice and snow.

ONF has recently funded a research grant to identify best practices in the prevention of adult falls in everyday activities. 

Part of the research will require the participation of program implementers, policy makers and other key stakeholders to support the identification of best practice interventions on adult falls prevention,  as well as providing valuable information to enhance the use of these interventions for eventual implementation.

For more information about the project and announcement, see ONF Falls Prevention Funding Announcement Feb 2013 (PDF) .

If you fit into those categories and are interested in being part of this research project, please contact richard.volpe@utoronto.ca.