Landmark study reveals impact of neurological conditions

October 16, 2014 | Posted in Announcements, New Activities, Events, ABI

The $15 million, four-year National Population Health Study of Neurological Conditions represents Canada's first-ever population health study of neurological conditions. Undertaken between 2009 and 2013, the extensive research program of the study included three national surveys, 13 pan-Canadian research projects, the expansion of ongoing surveillance to include certain neurological conditions, and the development of a micro-simulation model to estimate impacts of neurological conditions over the next 20 years. Mapping Connections: An Understanding of Neurological Conditions in Canada is the final report synthesizing key findings from the Study. 

The study was developed in partnership between the Government of Canada and Neurological Health Charities Canada (NHCC), a collaborative of 24 health charity organizations (including ONF), representing the voice of individuals and families impacted by neurological conditions across Canada. Approximately 177,000 Canadians with neurological conditions and their caregivers offered insight and personal experience into key ares of the Study. In addition, the study successfully engaged 130 researchers from 30 academic and non-academic institutions across Canada. 

The study was designed to address the lack of information about neurological conditions in Canada. Findings are intended to inform Canadians and governing bodies about the impact neurological conditions have on affected individuals, families and the health care system, and inform future program and policy development.

For more information on the National Population Health Study of Neurological Conditions, visit the NHCC website ( or the Public Health Agency of Canada website ( 

For a copy of Mapping Connections: An Understanding of Neurological Conditions in Canada please click here


(Source: NHCC) 


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