Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy intervention for treating depression in a traumatic brain injury population

The MBCT intervention will be piloted at the Rehabilitation Centre in the Ottawa Hospital.

Individuals living with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) experience a multitude of residual effects including major depression.

The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the effectiveness and portability of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) to reduce clinical depression symptoms in individuals who have a TBI.

The primary hypothesis is that the pilot will demonstrate that participants who are given the eight-week MBCT intervention will have lower depression scores after the intervention.

The secondary hypothesis is that participants will have quality of life scores greater after the intervention than prior to.

Through a previous pilot-study the researchers have demonstrated the effectiveness of a mindfulness intervention with a convenience sample of individuals with TBI.

At this stage, it is critical to test the MBCT intervention with a group of individuals who have a formal diagnosis of clinical depression. Individuals who have a documented diagnosis of major depressive disorder subsequent to a traumatic brain injury will be enrolled. These individuals will participate in 8 weekly group sessions during which the MBCT intervention will be delivered. Depression symptoms and quality of life will be assessed before and after the intervention, and then again 3 months later.

This intervention seeks to treat depression without relying on pharmaceutical approaches. It may represent a time-limited, cost-effective group intervention through which clinicians would have an opportunity to address the debilitating aspects of TBI.

In addition, the MBCT intervention could be implemented concurrently with more traditional forms of treatment, possibly enhancing the success of current rehabilitation programs.

Organization: Lakehead University

Amount: $50,090.00

Program: Acquired Brain Injury

Status: Complete


Michel Bedard
Lead Researcher

Organization: Lakehead University

Melissa Felteau
Lead Researcher

Organization: Lakehead University