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3rd Edition – Guidelines for Concussion /Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Prolonged Symptoms

June 12, 2018

The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (ONF) has released the 3rd Edition of the Guidelines for Concussion /mTBI and Persistent Symptoms for adults. The new interactive guidelines hosted on the Brain Injury Guidelines website features a fully searchable platform with upgraded evidence from the 2nd Edition.

The new platform allows for easy navigation as the user is able to select from various tags as they relate to sections presented throughout the guidelines. Users will be able to quickly review specific sections on the platform to find the recommendations and tools that they need to follow best practice. Intuitive colour coding provides a quick overview to help distinguish which elements have been updated and the levels of evidence.

Senior Program Director – ABI, Corinne Kagan says,

“Not only have we been able increase the level of evidence from the 2nd edition, we hope that the functionality of the platform will aid users in following best practice and set the stage for implementation of the guidelines in public and private sectors.”

To support the 3rd Edition, a Patient Version will be released in early July. This version will be the first of its kind, providing user-friendly and digestible information targeted at those who have sustained a concussion/mild traumatic brain injury. Be sure to revisit the site in July to explore this great resource!

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