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Brain Injury Speaks seeks to understand the impacts of COVID-19

August 27, 2020

The brain injury community in Ontario has been described as fragmented and, due to the heterogenous nature of brain injury, the community lacks cohesion. To bridge the gaps across the community, ONF and the Ontario Brain Injury Association joined together to form the Brain Injury Speaks Network, to engage stakeholders in a meaningful way to drive change and facilitate sustained impact.

The goal of the Network is to empower those with acquired brain injury to share their experiences and advise the future direction of brain injury care in Ontario. The network will promote fluid communication between policy makers, allied healthcare providers and members of the brain injury community.

In order to understand the opinions of the community, the Network issues regular surveys that quantify feedback into summarized infographics suitable for dissemination between stakeholders, policy makers and healthcare providers. The latest survey issued in June looked at the impact of COVID-19 on the community. Over 200 respondents across the province participated to share their opinion. The survey sought to determine which health services had been limited due to the pandemic restrictions.

Source: COVID-19 Impact Survey: Brain Injury Speaks

The findings suggested that the mental health of survivors and caregivers was impacted the most. The survey also uncovered that 37% of respondents were unsure of what services were available to them during the height of the social distancing measures.

With this direct feedback, healthcare providers and program planners can cater their programming to fill gaps identified within the community.

Learn more about the COVID-19 Impact Survey and other surveys that have been issued.

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