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Brain Injury Speaks

The Brain Injury Speaks Network is a community of survivors and their caregivers or family members. The goal of the Network is to empower those who are living with brain injury to share their experiences, engage in dialogue, and advise on the future direction of brain injury care in Ontario. The network will promote fluid communication among policy makers, allied healthcare providers, organizations representing persons with lived experience and the ABI community.

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What is the Network?

Brain Injury Speaks is a platform for survivors and their caregivers and family members to express their voice and provide feedback on issues that are important to the brain injury community. The long-term goal of the Network is to inform future brain injury policies and service delivery to improve the quality of life for those living with the effects of brain injury.

Brain Injury Speaks works to strengthen provincial collaboration, connect stakeholders to a centralized platform, and bridge the gap between the health care system and persons with lived experience. The Network will promote fluid communication between policy makers, allied health care providers, organizations representing persons with lived experience and the ABI community.

How does it work?

People who join Brain Injury Speaks can voice their opinion through emails, phone calls and short surveys on current issues related to brain injury. All feedback is summarized and presented in infographic format suitable for distribution to stakeholders, healthcare providers and policy makers. 

Who is involved?

The Network is made up of people living with brain injury, their families and caregivers from across Ontario. The network consists of individual members as well as a Provincial Advisory Team made up of regional network representatives from across the province who are consulted on the direction of the Brain Injury Speaks Network. The issues raised and activities of the network are identified by persons with lived experience.

The Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA) led Network offers a direct lens into the Ontario brain injury community and helps to inform the work of the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (ONF). Together, the two organizations are positioned to better understand the needs of the community and develop resources to support improved outcomes.

Get involved!

To join the Network, please visit:

Why join?

Most often, policy and service planning decisions are made without any input from people living with brain injury. Brain Injury Speaks is working to fill this gap.

Engagement in the Network is an opportunity to share experiences and express concerns to strengthen the voice of the brain injury community. Understanding the needs of the community will in turn help to inform policy and practice, to cultivate a system that seeks to fill the identified gaps.   

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