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ABI Catalyst Grants – Funding Opportunities

What are Catalyst Grants?

We know that it takes up to 17 years for research to be translated into practice and less than 20 percent of best practices are ever applied; however, this time can be greatly reduced by dedicating time and resources to the implementation of evidence-based best practices. We are advancing implementation efforts through catalyst funding to support the adoption of best practices.

It has been well documented in many disciplines that major gaps exist between what is known as effective practices (i.e., theory and science) and what is actually done (i.e., policy and practice). (National Implementation Research Network)

The ABI Catalyst Grants were introduced to help clinics, rehabilitation settings, community groups, and other sites implement specific recommendations from the ONF Concussion and Moderate-to-Severe brain injury guidelines to improve the quality of patient care. Through these Catalyst Grants, ONF provides support for implementation of the best practice guidelines to foster sustained practices.

Typically, research ethics board approval is not required to carry out these implementation projects as they are considered “Quality Improvement” projects. Although outcome measurement and data collection are crucial to the success of implementation, there is no need to collect identifying demographic information of the individuals involved.

Learn more about ongoing and completed projects.

Learn more about ONF's approach to implementation. 

Current Funding Opportunities

Ten new Catalyst Grants were awarded in September 2020. Lookout for new funding opportunities in 2021.

To learn more about Catalyst Grant funding, please contact Gazal Kukreja at

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