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Hull-Ellis Concussion and Research Clinic

Hull-Ellis Concussion and Research Clinic

Project Lead: Tharshini Chandra

Project Purpose: The specific outcome was to implement the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation's recommendations and patience advice for the management of persisting fatigue in a standardized manner using the recommended patient resources. 

About the project

The purpose of the project was to improve the management of post-concussion fatigue by developing and implementing a standardized process and toolkit for clinicians.  

The following tools were used to evaluate clinical outcomes: 

  • SCAT-5 (Sport Concussion Assessment Tool)
  • BSI-18 (Brief Symptom Inventory)
  • BNI Fatigue Scale (Barrow Neurological Institute)

Results showed a significant decrease in fatigue complaints from patients, both in frequency and intensity, indicated by both the SCAT-5 and the BNI Fatigue Scale. Earlier identification of patients who may have ongoing fatigue complaints and challenges allowed for earlier referrals to appropriate clinics and other services for follow-up. A standardized training toolkit was developed with ONF resources and scripts for clinicians to use at various time points post-injury in the evaluation and management of fatigue.


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