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Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Title: Using Patient-Centered Guidelines as Part of Summary Sheet Instructions for Outpatients at a Post-Concussion Clinic

Project Lead: Shawn Marshall

Project Purpose: The specific outcome of the project was to improve dissemination of the ONF guidelines by implementing a macro that generates an After-Visit Summary for patients based on their specific concussion symptoms.

About the project

The purpose of the project was to provide patients with relevant information from the ONF Patient Guidelines that is specific to their post-concussion symptoms. Macro versions of the Patient Guideline sections (short texts with key information on a specific topic) were created for use in clinic to produce an After-Visit Summary for patients. The After-Visit Summary highlights medication changes, what recommendations the clinician has and any new referrals for the patient.

A short survey was performed over the telephone asking the patients the following questions following their appointment:

  1. Did you look at the information in the After-Visit Summary?
  2. Was the information helpful?
  3. Was the information clear?
  4. Is there anything you would change (e.g. about the text, etc.)

In summary, it is clear from the project feedback that the use of macros to provide clear and consistent information to patients in a post-concussion outpatient clinic is feasible for clinicians and well accepted by patients.

Download the complete case report


CORPORATE ANNOUNCEMENT – February 2021(Click to learn more)