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Acquired Brain Injury Implementation Projects: Providence Care Hospital

ABI and Addictions/Mental Health Collaborative

Project Lead: Dr. Jessica Trier and Dr. Kathi Colwell

Project Purpose: The specific outcome was to establish a successful and sustainable mechanism for addressing the needs of clients with moderate to severe ABI and a co-morbidity of mental illness and/or addiction.

About the project

The project created ABI and Addictions/Mental Health Collaboratives for 3 sub-regions of southeastern Ontario:

  1. Hastings and Prince Edward Counties (HPE)
  2. Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & Addington (KFLA)
  3. Lanark, Leeds and Grenville (LLG)

The methods included an informal scan of literature and best practices and the assembling of a 19-member evaluation committee. The committee met over several months to initiate the implementation of a 3 sub-region provider Collaborative. This process involved investigating tools, performance indicators, inclusion criteria and plans to establish sustainability.

The committee outlined a clear receiving process including specific admission criteria, referral and consent forms. The specified criteria included:

  • 16 years of age or older
  • Lives in SEO (Southeastern Ontario)
  • Evidence of moderate to severe ABI
  • Evidence of mental illness and/ or evidence of substance use disorder
  • Presence of high-risk situation. High risk means “individuals or families facing a number of risk factors that affect multiple areas of the individual’s life and in all likelihood will lead to something bad happening and happening soon. These could include individuals that may be at risk of doing harm to others, becoming a victim, relapsing on a treatment plan, and/or ending up on the street.”
  • Unmet needs

In summary there was consensus among participants that greater efforts must be dedicated to address the needs of people with moderate to severe TBI complicated by addictions/ mental health. The Collaboratives continue to hold month meetings to discuss cases that have met the specified criteria and believed to be high-risk cases.

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