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Ontario Fall Prevention Collaborative

In Ontario, fall prevention initiatives for older adults, vary in their scope, approach, implementation and measurement of outcomes. The heterogeneous, fragmented nature of fall prevention efforts makes it difficult to ascertain what interventions are working, how interventions can be improved and where a greater investment of resources or an increased level of coordination and collaboration between key stakeholders is required to maximize impact (Dr. Brian Hyndman, 2018). ONF facilitates ongoing meetings for the Ontario Fall Prevention Collaborative, a multi-sectoral group that is committed to working towards a more integrated, systems-based approach to fall prevention. To support the Collaborative with the formation of a common agenda and to build a strategic path toward a system-wide approach, a group of key actors from various agencies, networks and organizations, were invited to a meeting in Toronto in November 2018 to weigh in on recommended next steps and priority setting.

The priorities have been identified and implemented fully or are in progress:

  • Form a provincial oversight group
  • Develop a measurement framework
  • Explore standardization of interventions as well as fall prevention screening and assessment tools
  • Inform and influence policy by producing and disseminating position papers

Preventing Fall-Related Injuries among Older Adults in Ontario

The Ontario Fall Prevention Collaborative has collectively developed a position paper, An Integrated Approach to Preventing Fall-Related Injuries among Older Adults in Ontario to guide the development of a more integrated, coordinated and efficient approach to fall prevention among older adults in Ontario.


The Ontario Fall Prevention Collaborative presented a webinar, Working together to put Fall Prevention on the Health System Agenda highlighting the recommendations presented in the position paper and seeking input on next steps from the webinar participants. Review the recording and download the slides.

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