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Spinal Cord Injury Knowledge Mobilization Network (SCI KMN)

In October 2016 SCI KMN released Informing Implementation: A practical guide to implementing new practice as informed by the experiences of the SCI KMN. This guide leads users through the five stages of the SCI KMN Implementation Process. For each stage there are a set of activities and tools that may be used to promote effective implementation. Following a systematic and rigorous process allows users to make the process more effective and optimize outcomes.

SCI Implementation and Evaluation Quality Care Consortium

ONF has made measurable impacts on Ontario’s SCI network through the advancement of research and knowledge mobilization activities. Drawing on the expertise of researchers and skilled knowledge mobilization specialists, research is translated into guidelines, tools and indicators to support a standardized level of care. Recognizing that knowledge mobilization efforts alone do not necessitate long-term changes in practice, ONF takes the continuum a step further to ensure best-practice implementation.

The SCI Implementation and Evaluation Quality Care Consortium (SCI IEQCC) is an evolution of past knowledge translation activities including the SCI Knowledge Mobilization Network (SCI KMN) and the SCI Rehabilitation Care High Performance Indicators (SCI-HIGH) project. Both activities provided frameworks and guidelines to standardize care; the SCI IEQCC seeks to ensure implementation science principles and performance evaluation using health indicators, guide improvements in health care and the rehabilitation for people living with SCI in Ontario.

The Consortium comprised of more than 50 individuals representing various groups involved in SCI rehabilitative care including, clinicians, researchers, implementation specialists, administrative leaders from rehabilitation sites, policy makers, and individuals living with SCI. SCI IEQCC is focused on the implementation of six prioritized domains of care at five academic health science centres across Ontario, including:

The main goal is to ensure health care providers apply the highest standard of practice regardless of where they are in the province, to improve patient outcomes.

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