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New study reveals concussion rates in Ontario are higher than ever reported

July 2, 2019

The findings of an ONF funded study have been released, reinforcing the need for more resources to support the proper diagnosis and management of concussion in response to increasing concussion rates. The UHN Toronto Rehab Institute’s researcher team has been analyzing rising concussion rates in Ontario to determine whether concussion has become a true epidemic or whether we have become better at recognition.

Key findings:

  • About 150,000 Ontarians experience a concussion each year
  • Children under 5 experience the highest rate of concussion among all Ontarians
  • Adults over 65 – especially women – experience a higher rate of concussion than younger adults
  • 26 percent of all concussions are diagnosed in the summer
  • Rural communities experience a higher rate of concussion that non-rural communities
  • Though most concussions are diagnosed in the Emergency Department, more and more patients with concussion symptoms are visiting their own doctors

The findings have been published in the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation. Read more about lead researcher, Laura Langer’s process and research approach in our NeuroMatters profile!

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