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Loop and Loop Junior

Loop and Loop Junior are bilingual online communication platforms that bring together Communities of Practice (CoP) of front-line workers, practitioners, caregivers, researchers and policy planners on fall prevention. We support our members working for the health and independence of the public through prevention of falls and fall-related injuries. The primary difference between Loop and Loop Junior is the population of focus and thereby the different stakeholders involved – Loop focuses on fall prevention among adults and older adults while Loop Junior seeks to tackle the issue of childhood falls.

These free, bilingual online platforms allow members to:

  • Network: Find an expert, mentor or collaborator by searching members by area of expertise, location or name.
  • Find answers: Harness the knowledge of our members to find an answer to your fall prevention question quickly and efficiently.
  • Work together: Use private groups, discussion posts, or direct messages to collaborate on projects with other members. Networks, committees and project teams are all welcome to join Loop and Loop Junior.
  • Build knowledge: Access learning opportunities and evidence through webinars, e-newsletters, the Knowledge Centre, and customized free consultations with an expert Knowledge Broker.

Are you involved in fall prevention for adults or older adults and/ or children? Join Loop and Loop Junior today!

Watch the Loop and Loop Junior overview video.

Watch quick ‘how-to’ videos about registering and navigating through the platforms.

Read the latest Annual Loop Report



Fall Prevention Month

Fall Prevention Month

Fall Prevention Month (FPM) is a call to action campaign that encourages Canadian organizations and individuals to come together to deploy fall prevention efforts in November of every year for a coordinated and larger impact. The mission of the FPM is to “equip health and service providers, business, government and academia with the tools to raise awareness and engage their communities in preventing falls and fall-related injuries.” The Fall Prevention Month campaign is initiated by partnering organizations who work with health practitioners dedicated to preventing falls among adults, older adults, and children. Organizations and individuals can participate by planning activities and/or sharing evidence-based information on fall prevention aimed at raising awareness of falls and fall-related injuries.

The bilingual FPM website provides resources to help organizations take action to prevent falls. On the website, there are resources related to adult and children fall prevention. The resources are divided into two categories: take action and additional resources. The take action resources are free bilingual materials that can aid with organizing and promoting fall prevention activities and events. The additional resources are free materials developed by external organizations that provide information on a variety of topics related to fall prevention and can include practitioner resources, statistics and infographics, along with information for parents, caregivers, practitioners, among others.

Visit the Fall Prevention Month website to learn more about how to be involved in the campaign. You can also subscribe to the FPM newsletter to learn more about running a successful FPM campaign, and engage on social media by following on Twitter and Facebook.

NeuroMatters Newsletter

NeuroMatters is the source for news and information about research and best practices in injury prevention, care and treatment of spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury.

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