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Loop and Loop Junior

Loop and Loop Junior are online communication platforms that bring together Communities of Practice (CoP) of front-line workers, practitioners, caregivers, researchers and policy planners on fall prevention. We support our members working for the health and independence of the public through prevention of falls and fall-related injuries.

These free, bilingual online platforms allow members to:

  • Network: Find an expert, mentor or collaborator. Search members by area of expertise, location or name.
  • Find answers: Harness the knowledge of our members to find an answer to your fall prevention question quickly and efficiently.
  • Work together: Collaboration tools make working together online easy. Keep all your agendas, minutes and documents in one place which only invitees can view.
  • Access evidence: A Knowledge Broker to help find evidence-based information.

Are you involved in fall prevention for adults or older adults and/ or children? Join Loop and Loop Junior today!

Fall Prevention Community of Practice - LOOP
Fall Prevention Community of Practice Junior

Fall Prevention Month

Fall Prevention Month is a call to action campaign that encourages Canadian organizations and individuals to come together to deploy fall prevention efforts in November of every year for a coordinated and larger impact. Organizations can participate by planning activities and sharing evidence-based information on fall prevention aimed at raising awareness of falls and fall related injuries.

Fall Prevention Month

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