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CIHR Health System Impact Fellowship

Established by ONF in partnership with University of Toronto, Dr. Matheus Weist was awarded the one-year post-doctoral fellowship in September 2019 with ONF as his primary host site. The main focus of the research program is improving spinal cord injury rehabilitation care in Canada. The HSI fellowship offers a singular opportunity to develop a continuing education model to improve the capacity of rehabilitation service providers through peer-to-peer learning during their workday and optimize care integration.

Fellowship in Indigenous Health

Sandra Juutilainen is the one-year post-fellow in indigenous health at Waakebiness-Bryce Institute for Indigenous Health at the University of Toronto and is based at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health. This fellowship on opportunities to increase capacity in SCI research in Ontario that is specifically focused on the province’s Indigenous population living with spinal cord injury. Dr. Juutilainen’s work is being done in collaboration with Dr. Melanie Jeffery who has an 18-month post-doctoral position.

Amanda and Rick Hansen Fellowship in Physical Therapy

This two-year fellowship has been awarded to University of Toronto student Cindy Gauthier. Her research project is titled assessment of orthotic and therapeutic effects on functional electrical stimulation (FES) during meaningful functional tasks training program in people with spinal cord injury. Her work will focus on application of FES to improve balance and upper limb function.

Program Evaluation

ONF and RHI are planning formal evaluation of the Ontario Spinal Cord Injury research. An evaluation committee has been set up with representatives from ONF and RHI.

Health Economics Professorship

Established to build capacity to conduct and share economic evaluations in the field of neurorehabilitation specifically in relation to SCI. Dr. Brian Chan will focus on home care; economic studies in spine trauma, attendant care, neuropathic pain and fractures; and virtual care platforms as part of his current research at the Toronto.

NeuroMatters Newsletter

NeuroMatters is the source for news and information about research and best practices in injury prevention, care and treatment of spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury.

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