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New resource supporting SCI primary care

August 26, 2020

Primary care committee of American Spinal Cord Injury Association (ASIA) has developed a new resource specifically aimed at primary care for individuals with spinal cord injury.

Nearly two years ago, ASIA developed a primary care committee purposed to improve SCI primary care. The committee brought together key stakeholders including individuals with lived experience and those with clinical experience in primary care, rehabilitation, and advocacy agencies from across North America.

A key priority was improving point of care resources and creating a platform to host and promote them. The outcome was 20 peer-reviewed articles written in collaboration between an individual with SCI and a primary care and rehabilitation clinician. All articles were framed to shed light on common SCI conditions and geared towards a primary care perspective. The first of these articles have been published in Topics in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation (TSCIR). The remaining articles will be published in the next edition of the journal. The articles are open access and available to all.

The committee has also launched a web page – Primary Care Providers – SCI Health Resources, hosted on the ASIA website to house the articles and other resources. Additional knowledge dissemination strategy had involved presenting material at conferences, with presenters representing the various collaborations to illustrate the diverse perspective. Drs Joseph Lee and James Milligan from the Mobility Clinic, an Ontario-based SCI Primary Care clinic model, have been active participants in the committee, in the collaboration of many articles and the development of the web page. This is a unique and exciting collaboration with a diverse group of individuals who share a passion for facilitating care for individuals with SCI and providing resources for clinicians in the community.

The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation and Praxis Spinal Cord Institute have been key contributors to support the open access of the articles and the development of the website.

CORPORATE ANNOUNCEMENT – February 2021(Click to learn more)