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New Toolkit for Fall Prevention Month

July 3, 2018

Fall Prevention Month (FPM) is still a few months away; but our Prevention team and collaborators have been busy building toolkits and resources to ensure an impactful campaign for the fourth annual FPM. Throughout the month of November organizations and individuals are encouraged to join together in coordinating fall prevention initiatives to lower the rate of falls across the lifespan. Through the updated toolkit for older adults and the new toolkit focusing on children’s fall prevention, caregivers, health care professionals and parents can stay informed with evidence-based information and plan fall prevention activities.

With media resources, activity ideas and informative guides the toolkits contain everything needed to plan a successful fall prevention event! The interactive website allows users to easily download these resources to implement an event or activity. Historically the campaign has focused its efforts on fall prevention in adults. This year, the campaign includes a toolkit to support fall prevention in children ages 0-6. The platform also allows users to refine search results based on keywords, categories or materials they are searching for.

Last year’s campaign engaged over 9000 international web-based users and this year with new content targeted at falls within a younger demographic, the team behind FPM hopes to see even greater engagement. Securing both provincial and cross-provincial partners, the 2018 FPM campaign aims to remind all members of the fall prevention community that

“We all have a role to play!”

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