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New User-friendly Concussion Handbook for Patients and Families

May 10, 2018

The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation has released the new Concussion Handbook for patients and families. This user-friendly, booklet is derived from the evidence-based standards of post-concussion care. The handbook provides patients and families with the information they need to know, after experiencing a concussion. The handbook can be used as a guide for patients and families of any age to find the right care, at the right time, from the right provider. In order to ensure this material was relevant and useful the handbook was developed with input from people with lived experience and family members.

Healthcare providers are encouraged to share this handbook with their patients as it promotes informed direction for efficient navigation through the healthcare system. With the help of the guide, patients will be able to better understand how, what and when care should be provided, and this should streamline visits with healthcare practitioners. The Concussion handbook differs from concussion guidelines as it relates to helping someone through the journey of concussion as opposed to the actual practice of treating concussion. Learn more about this patient care resource.

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