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NeuroMatters Fall 2018

In the last issue of NeuroMatters we recognized our 20th  anniversary with several reflections on the significant strides that have been made to prevent neurotrauma and improve the lives of those living the acquired brain and spinal cord injury.

Our research is grounded in the needs of the real world. Research supported by ONF and its partners is intimately connected to practice. In the early years, the focus was to understand and support the development and dissemination of effective acute care processes – the important healthcare needs following traumatic injury. Due in large part to the work of ONF, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and ongoing healthcare requirements of those living with neurotrauma have been given greater attention in the health care system to meet the clinical and personal needs of individuals.

ONF is taking a giant leap forward by imbedding implementation science into its work to reduce neurotrauma and improve care for those living with acquired brain and spinal cord injury – the outcomes of neurotrauma. This approach is based on the idea that unless there is a way to practically implement the outcomes of research, the research may have limited value. Using evidence to inform prevention and care practices leads to better results for everyone and, in this time of tight budgets, savings for the health care system.

Sharing knowledge is a critical component of implementation science and in this ONF is a leader, particularly during Fall Prevention Month each November. Recently we participated in two events that were grounded in knowledge exchange to improve neurotrauma prevention which you can read about in this issue of NeuroMatters.And finally, if you haven’t already had a chance to do so, please take a few minutes to check out the brief interviews on the ONF YouTube channel. We are grateful to our partners for sharing their perspectives on our work. It certainly makes it feel like the last 20 years has been worth the effort and offers the promise that great improvements are ahead for those living with acquired brain and spinal cord injury.

Kent Bassett-Spiers

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