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Happy 20th Birthday Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation

$100-million Investment in Research, Care, Treatment and Prevention Initiatives

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation | Changing Lives for 20 Years

In 1998 a group of individuals concerned about the lack of focus on research needed to ensure better care for those who experience neurotrauma took the bold step that led to the creation of the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation. The Ontario government, recognizing the potential of the initiative, stepped up to fund the work and since that time has invested more than $100-million to improve the lives and health of those living with spinal cord and acquired brain injury.

That investment has helped create one of the strongest provincial networks of individuals, researchers, community organizations in the country all of which are brought together through the work undertaken by ONF.

Marking the 20th anniversary of an organization that has achieved such a broad range of successes provides the ideal opportunity to recognize those individuals who have made this possible.

Beginning with this issue of NeuroMatters, we will be highlighting a selection of our achievements and the people who made them possible.

One of those people is Corinne Kagan, Senior Program Director of the ONF ABI program. She was the first ONF employee hired in 1998. Her 20th Anniversary with the Foundation was celebrated at the Annual General Meeting in June.

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