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Making Fall Prevention a Health Systems Focus

A group of individuals representing a broad range of stakeholders from across Ontario’s healthcare system have been working quietly to lay the groundwork for a system-wide focus on prevention of falls for adults and older adults. For years, the statistics regarding injuries that result from falls have indicated that by decreasing the number of falls, costs to the healthcare system would be significantly reduced. Reducing falls would also decrease the physical, emotional and social consequences for those who experience an injury as a result of a fall.

“ONF has co-ordinated this collaborative effort for the past year and we have a group of dedicated and knowledgeable people around the table,” says Hélène Gagné, Program Director, Injury Prevention. “We have our sights set on a Think Tank gathering of leaders in the field later this year to help bring practical options to the table that will improve system delivery of services and programs in a seamless and timely manner to older adults.”

Loop Survey Results

This September marks the third year since the Loop launch. A platform created to provide a variety of services to the Fall Prevention Community of Practice (CoP); Loop has been an instrumental resource for practitioners, program planners, researchers, policy planners and others who have an interest and work in the area of fall prevention.

To better understand the member base and usage of the platform, the annual survey has been conducted which will provide informed data to the development of the services offered. The 2018 Loop Report is scheduled for release in September, coinciding with the Loop anniversary.

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation/Rick Hansen Institute Funding Opportunities

A call for Letters of Intent (LOI) went out to meet the needs of funding opportunities in the area of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) research focused on the recommendations from summits on: urohealth, neuropathic pain and pressure ulcers. The deadline for all LOI was July 1 – the next phase in the timeline will be the Invitation to Submit Full Proposals which are to be expected August 15.

CORPORATE ANNOUNCEMENT – February 2021(Click to learn more)