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Reflections on the Feedback from the NeuroMatters Two-minute Survey

In the last issue of NeuroMatters we asked our readers to take two minutes to let us know how we are doing with the online format and approach. We understand how busy everyone is and we are grateful for the thoughtful ideas and feedback received.

What do you like? Research and general news about what is happening in terms of people, activities, conferences and symposium reports were the leading choices. We will be continuing to focus on these areas in each issue. On the technical side, you let us know that readability, navigation and the level of detail provided met your expectations. Two years ago, we moved to an online format and this has been well received. You are also looking for better options to share the content so we are working on that one.

In NeuroMatters we bring the voice of those living with neurotrauma in the context of news from across the spectrum of neurotrauma research, care and treatment. We’ll continue to look for new and fresh ways to bring you this information and always welcome your input.

And by the way, the winner of the $50 Indigo gift card is reader Ruth Morrison. Congratulations Ruth and thanks for taking two minutes with us.

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