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Upcoming Conferences

Global Conference on Ageing

Toronto, Canada (August 8-10) The International Federation on Ageing (IFA) is hosting the 14th annual Global Conference on Ageing purposed to bring together key players from over 70 countries to strengthen knowledge transfer across the field of ageing.

This year the theme of the conference targets moving Towards a Decade of Healthy Ageing: From Evidence to Action. With four sub-themes the conference will also cover: Healthy Ageing, Combatting Ageism, Age-Friendly Environments and Addressing Inequalities. Harnessing a goal to be the global point of connection for networks of experts, the IFA’s body of members help to influence and shape age-related policy. Loop is a proud partner of the IFA and conference.

Neurotrauma Week

Toronto, Canada (August 11-16) This years Neurotrauma Week, will be the 3rd Joint Symposium of the International and National Neurotrauma Societies and the AANS/CNS Section on Neurotrauma and Critical Care will take place in Toronto. The symposium gives opportunity for knowledge exchange, preclinical and clinical lessons and visions for the future of neurotrauma research and care. Neurotrauma 2018 host and co-hosts, Dr. Michael G. Fehlings, Dr. Anthony E. Kline and Dr. Eve Tsai have developed a program inclusive of informative discovery, translational and clinical sessions and workshops as well as programs for students and early career investigators. ONF is a proud silver sponsor of the symposium with additional contributions including opening remarks by CEO, Kent Bassett-Spiers and program directors, Corinne Kagan and Tara Jeji to share stories of lived experience.

Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month

(September) Managing care and bettering the lives of those who have sustained SCI is a mandate that governs work at ONF, but over the month of September special emphasis is given to raise awareness for the work and research implemented to shift health care solutions to address the needs of those living with SCI.

International Spinal Cord Society

Sydney, Australia (September 13-15) The 57th Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Spinal Cord Society combined with the 25th Meeting of the Australia and New Zealand Spinal Cord Society expects to host over 1000 international delegates. This will be an occasion to share knowledge that will generate evidence-based best practices and ultimately standardize care in the management of spinal cord injury (SCI). This interdisciplinary meeting will bring together a variety of medical practitioners and care providers with efforts to exchange knowledge and experience as they explore new studies and developments within their scope of work. SCI Program Director, Tara Jeji has joined the ISCoS communications committee in hopes of fostering knowledge exchange as it relates to SCI on an international level

End Falls this Fall

Orillia, Canada (September 27) This fall the 11th annual Fall Prevention Conference will take place with keynote speaker Dr. Al Salmoni addressing the theme It Takes a Village to Prevent a Fall. This conference targeted at health care providers with an interest in fall prevention is hosted by the North Simcoe Muskoka LHIN. The ONF Prevention team is looking forward to the rich knowledge exchange and informative presentations.

Brain Injury Society of Toronto

Walk and Roll – Toronto, Canada (September 30) It’s that time of year again – as summer dawns the acquired brain injury (ABI) community prepares for the annual Hero 5k run that aims to raise money and awareness to better the lives of those living with ABI. This year the ONF- Incredibles plan to leave their mark with exciting costumes, and hopefully some record-breaking times!

Brain Injury Canada National Conference

Ottawa, Canada (October 18-19) This year the National Conference program will offer two different key themes on each day in response to the needs of the ABI community. Attendees can attend sessions on Navigating the Trends of Brain Injury and Evidence-Based Treatment for Persistent Concussion/mTBI. The conference will provide opportunity for the ABI community across Ontario to connect and explore trends as they relate to management of care.

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