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CIHR Health System Impact Fellowship – Dr. Matheus Wiest

The Canadian Institutes of Research (CIHR) Health System Impact (HSI) Fellowship provides a unique opportunity for doctoral and post-doctoral fellows studying fields related to health services to apply their research and analytical talents to critical challenges in the health care system outside of the traditional academic setting.

80% of post-doctoral fellows do not continue to work in academia

Recognizing this shift in career trajectory, CIHR created the HSI fellowship to better prepare and equip post-docs to work beyond an exclusively research-based environment. The aim is to have candidates work in partnership with an academic and community partner to support improved practice, policy; and better leverage knowledge to produce products and tools that address key health system challenges to make sustained impact.

Share. Learn. Optimize.

Disseminating knowledge within Ontario regarding spinal cord injury rehabilitation services and health systems

In September 2019 a CIHR HSI fellowship was awarded to Dr. Matheus Wiest to work with academic partner University Health Network and community partner ONF under the supervision of KITE (TRI) Senior Scientist, Dr. Cathy Craven and ONF CEO, Kent Bassett-Spiers – to develop a continuing education model to improve the capacity of rehabilitation service providers through peer-to-peer learning to optimize care integration. Using the ECHO model as a blueprint, through the course of his work, Dr. Wiest will build this framework to address the gaps in SCI rehabilitation practice as an asset to the Spinal Cord Injury Implementation and Evaluative Quality Care Consortium which seeks to implement best practices based on key performance indicators of quality rehabilitative care for SCI.

“The ECHO model, that follows a case-based learning strategy for clinicians, has seen great success where implemented to address other areas of chronic care. We hope to use this same model to address the complex challenges faced within the context of SCI rehabilitation to eliminate some of the barriers perpetuated by an often fragmented multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitative care.”

Dr. Wiest

Scope of work includes:

  • Systematic literature review: the first part of the project will involve an exploratory review of the existing frameworks that address SCI rehabilitative care;
  • Educational framework: the next step will be to develop an educational framework specific to SCI rehabilitation;
  • Stakeholder Engagement: once the framework has been developed it will be presented to stakeholders including clinicians and consumers and additional members of the Ontario SCI Alliance for review;
  • Feedback and Finalization: the last segment of the project will see the finalization of the framework based on the stakeholder review.

ONF CEO, Kent Bassett-Spiers notes that, “The fellowship will support the ongoing work of the SCI IEQCC and allow evidence-based quality care indicators to be brought into effective practice. We look forward to supporting Dr. Matheus Wiest as he builds capacity to improve the quality of care provided to the SCI community in Ontario.”

To learn more about the CIHR Health System Impact Fellowship awarded to Dr. Matheus Wiest visit:
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