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NeuroMatters March 2021 – The Final Issue

Message from the CEO

As this is our last edition of NeuroMatters and our farewell to our community, I thought it was fitting that I reflect on our journey over the last 23 years and the impact we have created over this time.
Our beginnings were born from the community and in many ways our final act goes back to the community. We are proud of our long-standing relationships with those with lived experience, our investigators, clinicians, administrators, and community providers all of whom played an important role in our success. Our priorities have been shaped by our relationship with the community and have served as our guideposts for measuring our impact and success.

We recognize that our work is not done, and pleased that the work and identified needs of the community will continue to be addressed through sustained funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health to our various projects and activities.

Whether it is our Fall Prevention Collaborative, our acquired brain injury (ABI) guidelines, our focus on standardizing rehab care for those living with a spinal cord injury (SCI) or improving access to primary care for those living with a mobility impairment, all these activities are moving our health and community systems forward to address the needs of our community. I am immensely proud of this work and those who not only lead the programs, but the many stakeholders who contribute their time and expertise to ensure our success. To all of you, thank you.
I am also proud of our development of Neurotrauma Care Pathways. While we were only able to initiate this work, I know it will continue to advance to create the integrated care system that is missing for all those Ontarians living with a neurotrauma injury. Our community has spoken relentlessly on the need for this framework, its importance and value. Their experience navigating COVID-19 only served to highlight why this work is so necessary.

In the end it is about people. The Foundation has been blessed to have so many people step up to support our initiatives. Too numerous to mention, but you all played an instrumental role in our success. From our staff, Board volunteers, committee members, investigators, clinicians, community organizations and those with lived experience, you all share in our accomplishments and success. Thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do.

Our chapter of this journey is over – yours is just beginning. Go forward boldly, decisively and with purpose. Guided by the community, continue striving to make the changes we all envision. The need has not diminished, the solutions not all implemented and your work, now more important than ever.

The torch is yours. Do well.

Kent Bassett-Spiers

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