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Fall Prevention Month Picks up Speed in 2017: More Information Sharing and Engagement

The annual November focus on fall prevention is making significant inroads to engage organizations working with older Ontarians to share the campaign messages. November may have been designated as Fall Prevention Month (FPM) but the information to support fall prevention practitioners is shared by participating partners throughout the year.

More than 75 clinics, organizations that work with older adults officially registered their participation in 2017 by submitting their fall prevention initiatives, a significant increase from 2016, 56 of these confirmed they had implemented FPM initiatives.

Fall Prevention Month traffic on Twitter and the Fall Prevention website also increased by more than 200 percent. For instance, page views to the end of November clocked in at 83,000 compared to 38,000 in 2016.

Fall Prevention Month was established in 2015 as an initiative of 13 partners with support from the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation. FPM offers participating organizations a variety of resources to use for education and knowledge-sharing purposes, encourages participants to hold events targeting staff and older adults and caregivers, and uses online and community media sources to share the fall prevention message.

“Each year we learn a little more about what works for the participating organizations,” says Hélène Gagné, Program Director Prevention at ONF. “The toolkit continues to be a focus for most of the participating organizations as it offers very good information in a simple format and it specifically highlights the types of activities that can be undertaken to promote fall prevention in November. If we can help reduce the number of injury-causing falls significantly year over year we will collectively improve the mental and physical health of older adults in this province and reduce a significant burden on the health system.”

Fall prevention month, we all have a role to play
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