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NeuroMatters Spring/Summer 2019

As regular readers of NeuroMatters you will know that over the last year we have highlighted the achievements and impacts that the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation has made over the previous 20 years in the acquired brain injury and spinal cord injury community and the network committed to preventing such injuries.

A lot has changed over the last 20 years while the focus of some of our work has shifted, our mission remains the same – to make even greater impact to support the 500, 000 Ontarians affected by neurotrauma injuries.

As we look ahead, there have been new developments over the last few months that will take us into a productive fall season and you will be able to read more about these in this issue of NeuroMatters.

We anticipate the launch of a living guideline platform for pediatric concussion planned for September 2019. The SCI Implementation and Evaluation Quality Care Consortium continues to gain momentum to establish a provincial structure to measure and improve practice across the province. The Prevention team has launched a new website gearing up for November’s Fall Prevention Month campaign and has played a major role in facilitating the new Ontario Fall Prevention Collaborative. In all, we are looking forward to a busy few months as we continue to drive change in the neurotrauma care and prevention community.

As our health system evolves here in Ontario, ONF is committed to evolve with it. That means continuing to work with our partners in research, health care, program and policy to develop and share prevention strategies and improve the quality of care and services for those living with acquired brain injury or spinal cord injury.

Kent Bassett-Spiers
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