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Prompting Action to Prevent Falls

Fall Prevention position papers aims to inform, influence and, prompt action to prevent falls

A newly released position paper, Integrated Approach to Preventing Fall-Related Injuries among Older Adults in Ontario, urges health care providers to consider fall prevention interventions in order to help reduce the number and severity of injuries and associated health care costs among older adults. The key appears to be implementation of a system based integrated, coordinated and efficient approach to fall prevention across the province.

Developed by the Ontario Fall Prevention Collaborative with support from the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, the paper urges to take collective action for integration of fall prevention strategies into health services and systems across the province. There are a series of recommendations which outline how recent changes and innovations, including the establishment of Ontario Health Teams, can be leveraged to improve fall prevention and reduce the burden of fall related injuries.

The Collaborative members hope this document will help to guide Ontario Health Teams and other key stakeholders towards an optimal level of integrated fall prevention interventions that will enable older Ontarians to enjoy more injury-free years and a higher quality of life.

group of older adults

The Ontario Fall Prevention Collaborative, which was formed in 2017 with facilitation by ONF, includes 30 representatives from the key health organizations involved in the planning and implementation of fall prevention interventions in Ontario, including the (former) local health integration networks (LHINs), public health units, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and regional geriatric centres and programs.

The position paper incorporates learnings from an environmental scan completed in the fall of 2018, Towards an Integrated, Systems-Based Approach to Fall Prevention in Ontario: An Environmental Scan of Current Interventions and Recommendations for Action. The scan uncovered significant inconsistencies in access to fall prevention services and interventions at both the system and population levels.

The Collaborative has already begun to explore options for common data sources and indicators that will enable the shared measurement and accountability needed for an effective system-based approach to fall prevention. A webinar discussion led by the Collaborative members will take place on Monday June 24th, 2019 at noon to further discuss the position paper and work to date as well as next steps leading to collective efforts on fall prevention in older adults living in Ontario.

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