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NeuroMatters Winter 2019

As the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation continues to celebrate our 20th Anniversary we are struck by the commitment of our community in supporting our work in making a difference to the lives of those Ontarians living with a neurotrauma injury. Our community’s voice has never been stronger in identifying the gaps in care, the priorities that need to be addressed and the expectations that we collectively use research to inform practice and system changes that improves outcomes for those Ontarians living with a spinal cord or acquired brain injury.

Why does this matter? Not only does inconsistent and fragmented care harm individuals and their families, it costs our health and social services system more than it should. We are hopeful that recently-announced changes to the structure of health care delivery in Ontario will be a giant step forward for everyone. And frankly, better more aligned care improves lives, saves time and money.

With these goals in mind ONF continues to work collaboratively and support the neurotrauma community to focus on finding solutions. Celebrating our 20th year has brought into focus the increasing importance of this work and the people who are the focus of these efforts.

Kent Bassett-Spiers
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